"“All Clients Deserve Ethical, Professional, Excellent Service, Which We Strive for Every Day.”"
– Timothy M. Sullivan, Esq.

Consumer Testimonials


We strive to treat every person we collect from with dignity and respect.  We are grateful for the feedback we receive. 

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Some recent feedback:

"I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize (Client Service Representative - CSR) for her assistance in the past few years. Since my first interaction with (CSR) she has been a great communicator and more importantly a great listener. She put herself in my position to gain the necessary perspective in order to find a solution that was both satisfying for me and the company that she represents. She consistently and constantly exceeded my expectations by maintaining a good, no, a great relationship with me. Not only is she the definition of a professional she is also compassionate and has a cheerful and playful persona.  

These combinations make her a delight to work with.  Although my payments with (CSR) have come to an end, her follow through has not. Despite the fact that my debt has been paid off she has continued to "hold my hand" to ensure the payments are properly posted. She has gone above and beyond to guide and support.  It is my opinion that  you are fortunate to have an employee that cares about people and her job."

 Mary S.



… I want to take the time to extend a warm and welcoming “Thank You” for all that you have done for me those past four years, in my debt. I have never experienced such high quality care when dealing with finances, and do not believe I could have made it through and stay positive, without your enthusiasm and personable approach. I wish every bill I had could be dealt with through you and I wish others could experience the ease of this situation quite like I have. Endless gratitude and best of luck for your future! I will never forget the patience!”

 Suzzanne P.


 “Hello Mr. Sullivan,

 … I appreciate the courtesy and politeness [Collections Manager] has shown … Congratulations on a business model based on ethics instead of rudeness which seems expedient but really accomplishes nothing. Hat's off to you, Mr. Sullivan.”

 Catherine A


 “Mr. Sullivan,

I have been working with (CSR) for a couple of weeks now, and I have to tell you that I am finding that working with her has been a great experience. She has been kind, understanding, but also direct and to the point in her interactions with me and is always very polite.

 When it comes to performance review time, I would certainly rank her in the “exceed expectations" category.

 Thanks for allowing me to provide input.”

 Callie P.


 “Dear Attorney Sullivan,

 My name is Kim and my husband and I have owned a landscape company since 1984… I was planting flowers for a customer one day and your law firm called. It was (CSR)… She was so kind, she listened to me and did not judge, she told me to calm down and we would work through it. I had never had a debt collector treat me like that. We worked out a payment plan and I have made the payment every month…

 She gives 110% in helping you and in return you make your payment on time. She has pushed me to pay more when I can, but understands when I can’t. I have called her crying when I receive a letter from the State. She takes the time to explain things to me and reassures me things be be and are ok!.. (CSR) cares about people. She cares about her job and goes above and beyond to help you…”

 Kim K.


“I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize the office of Timothy Sullivan, and in particular (CSR) for their assistance in our tax matters. (CSR) has been professional, helpful and understanding in her dealings with our company. She has gone above and beyond in terms of doing research, giving us options, etc. She also did an exceptional job of clarifying our position and has been very helpful in each and every detail.

 Previously, we were assigned another law firm that did exactly the opposite. No help, no documentation and no communication. We were fortunate to have Timothy Sullivan's firm and (CSR) assigned to us.

 We are still working through the matter, but it has been made much easier since our relationship with Timothy Sullivan's firm.

 Thank you. Keep up the good work!”

 Jeff B.


(CSR), helped move my due date for me making sure I had the money to pay my debt which I appreciate.

Bisi O.


"I would like to thank all of you at the law firm for being so kind to us.  You have been so wonderful to work with.  You have helped us so much to resolve this problem with sales tax.  Thank you Again!"

Kim K.